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I fostered Bobby for almost a year before he was adopted by an amazing couple. I couldn't keep him because I already had three dogs at that time. He was very imposing, but the most gentle dog ever, such a lover. The best. Every Sunday the people from the adoption program would come to pick him up, and he hated it. He would sit in the back of the van staring at me through the window, as if he was telling me that he didn't want to go. That morning it was raining, I took the shot.

- Frank

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  • Frank Bruynbroek
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  • Bonnie

    I have a rescue dog, a bull boxer, that looks just like this picture. He was found alongside the road and rescued by PetSearch, where we found him. He is the center of attention in our large family, and he is my best friend. Best dog I’ve ever had.

  • Marsha Blackmon
    Marsha Blackmon

    I have a foster here with me, been here about 7 months now, that looks JUST LIKE BOBBY! His name is Ace, and I love him so much. Most beautiful foster/rescue I believe I have ever had. I don’t know why it is taking so long to get Ace a home, but it’s all good by me. I am loving every minute of having him with me. And I, just as you were with Bobby, would keep Ace in a heartbeat if I didn’t want to leave room in my house to foster more death row dogs.

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