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Dave Brubeck died yesterday. He was one of my favorite jazz musicians. Brubeck's style was unique, and his compositions were ground breaking. He was a genius, as simple as that. Brubeck was not afraid to experiment and take big chances, even when the major record labels were hesitating to release his albums. He was nearly expelled form the conservatory when one of his professors found out that he could not read music. Brubeck barely graduated. Some professors claimed that he was one of the best composers that ever studied with them. They let him go, but he had to promise to never teach piano. He was an underdog who decided to create his own style regardless of the criticisms, the cynics and the roadblocks. That goes to show me that we should not believe what people say about us. Create your own world. Follow your vision, listen to your heart, live your passion to the fullest. Take five Dave. I cannot read your notes, but they resonate in my heart, and they taste like a sweet juice of life..

 - Frank Bruynbroek

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  • Frank Bruynbroek
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