Cesar Millan has Compawssion



When I first met Cesar Millan I was immediately charmed, not by his TV personality. "The Dog Whisperer" show was not created yet. I was charmed by Cesar's authenticity. As a former elementary school teacher myself, I thought that Cesar's pedagogical approach was very similar to mine. The way I like to teach and the way I like to be treated. I was looking to interview personalities with rescued dogs. A friend of mine told me about this trainer extraordinaire who had a big compound downtown Los Angeles called The Dog Psychology Center. I sent a sample of my work, and within a few days I got a call from Cesar Millan himself, who agreed to meet. The encounter with him and his pack of 40 dogs was very impressive to say the least. We walked. We talked and talked, and at the end of the interview, out of the blue, I asked him if he would consider writing the foreword for my book. He had to think about it. When I told my friends that I had asked this man to write the foreword, unanimously, they all said that I should have waited to meet a real celebrity, somebody with clout, someone popular. In my heart I didn't care. My intuition told me that he was a perfect match for the book. When Cesar agreed to do it, I put it on the back burner. I didn't ask him to write it immediately. My book was not even close to being finished. Five years later I had a few interviews under my belt. In the meantime Cesar's popularity had gone through the roof. When I asked him again this time, if he could write a few words for my book, I honestly expected that he had changed his mind, or that he was going to write a few words of no real meaning or significance, just to keep his agreement. Au contraire. The first time I laid eyes on what Cesar wrote it made me so emotional. It was such an acute and distinctive testament of my works true meaning. I was baffled and impressed. A few years later I was asked by his producers to shoot a poster with Cesar regarding the very idea that caught my attention in the first place: "Exercise, Discipline and Affection"...In that order. I really like the resulting poster. And, I'm pleased to know that Cesar will use it in his next book. Our paths keep crossing... that's what I recognize as "divine synchronicities".


- Frank  

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  • Frank Bruynbroek
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