Part of my evolution and learning is about humor. I had to learn how to laugh. I'm not talking about laughing with friends or when I'm watching a funny comedian's routine. I had to learn to have a sense of humor about me, and to let go of my defense mechanisms so people can have fun at my expense. It was terrifying at first, and it is still uncomfortable for a bit, before I get over it. It's refreshing to shake up my image, shake up my ego, which always wants to look good in front of others. When I look at dogs, they have no shame. Dogs go for it all the way with no concern about what you think whatsoever. They don't seem to have an ego! There is not one day that goes by when I am not laughing with my dog, or laughing when I take a dog photo. Humor is like the truth, it frees us up! 


-Frank Bruynbroek




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  • Frank Bruynbroek
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