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Pilots N Paws was founded in 2008 by animal-lover Debi Boies and pilot Jon Wehrenberg. The idea first took flight when Jon agreed to help Debi by flying a rescued Doberman from Florida to South Carolina, to save the dog’s life. The trip was a success and the two brainstormed on how to rescue other animals. Spay/Neuter campaigns in parts of the country were working, while in others parts, primarily in the south, pet overpopulation was still a huge problem. There had to be a way to turn a problem into a solution. Former pets were dying needlessly. They needed transport. The dream quickly became a reality when the website, was launched, to provide a location where private pilots willing to provide free transport, and people and organizations who rescue, shelter or foster animals, could connect to save lives. Today the organization has 3168 pilot volunteers and 10,551 volunteers. Each year, the volunteers of Pilots N Paws save thousands of lives. Those lives come in the form of any animal that can be transported using a plane. Dogs, cats, pigs, reptiles and rabbits are just a few who have taken one of our flights. Pet overpopulation is a disturbing problem in the United States. More than 4 million no-longer-wanted pets are euthanized each year. While spay/neuter programs have worked to decrease domestic animal populations in some parts of the country, other areas are considered high-kill. A staggering 70% of dogs that enter shelters in the southern part of the country are euthanized. Until now, there have been few options for these innocent victims. Pilots N Paws is helping to change that.





Paul Walker - Actor And Animal Rescue Advocate– RIP 59


Compawssion would like to express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of actor Paul Walker. The 40-year-old Fast & Furious star died in a fiery car crash in Southern California on November 30th, Saturday afternoon.

Walker was the passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT, driven by his racing team partner, Roger Rodus. They slammed into a light pole and burst into flames in a Valencia, Santa Clarita office park. Roger Rodus also died, and our condolences go out to his family and friends.

The car accident took place just a few hundred yards from the shop owned by Rodus. Both Walker and Rodus attended a holiday toy drive there for Walker’s charity, REACH OUT Worldwide, to help survivors of victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

The Charity Toy Drive invite read: “During the holiday season, many economically disadvantaged children from around the world are faced with the same dilemma year after year; the lacking of joy and cheer. Our goal here is to be able to provide aid to these less fortunate children in hopes of helping them grow up to become confident, responsible and productive young adults.”

Paul Walker was an avid philanthropist. He founded the REACH OUT Worldwide charity in 2010 to aid people affected by natural disasters. REACH OUT Worldwide is a quick-response, mobile first aid organization aiding in rescue and recovery after major natural disasters around the globe. When Mother Nature deals a striking blow, communities are suddenly thrust into survival mode while dealing with injuries, death, missing persons and devastating destruction. Formed by Paul Walker in 2010, REACH OUT Worldwide aims to mobilize quickly and travel to affected areas, sending qualified team members including doctors, EMT's, paramedics, and search and rescue professionals to provide first aid, medical supplies, water filters, and other life-saving necessities. They join rescue and recovery efforts to help ease the pain of those affected.

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Part of my evolution and learning is about humor. I had to learn how to laugh.

Polo Proofs 42



Do you know the amount of adopted dogs that are returned to shelters? it's an astonishingly high number! Make sure to do your homework when you decide to adopt. It's not a small or easy task. Be ready to ask an expert about a certain breed, and DON'T pick a dog on a whim because he or she is cute and lovable, or because your child wants a dog. Have you seen a puppy Husky? Hard to find any cuter than that. THINK about the puppy phase being over, and picture a strong, big adult dog. It's A LOT of dog to deal with... You need to know that before you adopt. It's heart-breaking for a dog to return to the shelter, just because you didn't think it through. Be responsible. Take your time. Be open to a breed, to a senior dog, a mutt... Inspire others to do the right thing!

Nathalie Dubois rescued Polo. She knew the breed. Nathalie knew how much work it is to have a puppy husky that going to turn into a big and strong-willed dog. I applaud her for that. And, the reward is tremendous.

-Frank Bruynbroek