Polo Proofs




Do you know the amount of adopted dogs that are returned to shelters? it's an astonishingly high number! Make sure to do your homework when you decide to adopt. It's not a small or easy task. Be ready to ask an expert about a certain breed, and DON'T pick a dog on a whim because he or she is cute and lovable, or because your child wants a dog. Have you seen a puppy Husky? Hard to find any cuter than that. THINK about the puppy phase being over, and picture a strong, big adult dog. It's A LOT of dog to deal with... You need to know that before you adopt. It's heart-breaking for a dog to return to the shelter, just because you didn't think it through. Be responsible. Take your time. Be open to a breed, to a senior dog, a mutt... Inspire others to do the right thing!

Nathalie Dubois rescued Polo. She knew the breed. Nathalie knew how much work it is to have a puppy husky that going to turn into a big and strong-willed dog. I applaud her for that. And, the reward is tremendous.

-Frank Bruynbroek

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  • Frank Bruynbroek
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