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Beans Proof


To rescue a dog is most always an interruption in our busy schedule. It is never really planned, and yet, once they make their way into our lives we can not imagine our lives without them. They quickly find their way to our hearts, and they teach us the concept of true love. When Beans showed up in Christine Skaglund's life she was not particularly ready. Since that day, adorable Beans has been a constant source of joy and pure love, and in retrospect the timing could not have been better. Who rescued who?


By Frank Bruynbroek

Compawssion: Getting the Big Picture on Rescued Dogs 0



“To me, Frank honors their fundamental nature as animals, dogs, breeds, and finally as individuals. That is the exquisite magic of what he does as a photographic portrait artist.” Cesar Millan, in the foreward to Compawssion: Portraits of Rescued Dogs


Compawssion is a collection of moving, black and white portraits of rescued dogs that reminds us that the world can be largely unaware of or insensitive to the woeful mistreatment of animals. In compiling the book, photographer Frank Bruynbroek interviewed twenty-five public figures about what it means to rescue, save, and care for a dog, and how it has had a positive impact on their lives.


Frank first met Cesar Millan over a decade ago. He was instantly charmed by Cesar's authenticity and pedagogical approach, and was impressed and inspired by his Pack of forty dogs. Frank soon asked Cesar if he would consider writing the foreword for his book. The result, Frank noted, “Was an acute and distinctive testament of my work’s true meaning.” 


This oversized 160 page hardcover book contains more than one hundred photographs and three chapters of stories, including a foreword written by Cesar Millan. Other celebrity contributors include Jillian Barberie, Kim Basinger, Jackie Chan, Ellen DeGeneres, Josh Duhamel, Dr. Jane Goodall, Emmylou Harris, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Ali MacGraw, and Sharon Osbourne, among others.


Compawssion: Portraits of Rescued Dogs is available to purchase from the book’s official web site. A percentage of the proceeds from each book will benefit organizations that rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused and abandoned dogs, including the Cesar Millan Foundation. (Select Cesar Millan Foundation at checkout and they will receive an additional five percent.) Frank Bruynbroek has also produced a 2013 calendar featuring photographs from the book, which also benefits dogs in need.


Good Morning America and George Stephanopoulos recently selected Compawssion for their best gifts list. For more information on Cesar’s involvement with the book or to order, visit the Compawssion site.

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On a perfect, sunny day the streets of New York were swarming with delightful curiosities that feed the eye of a photographer, as I was excitedly walking to my meeting with William Wegman. It didn’t occur to me that I would end up in his "place", where he lives, where he works, where his "dogs" are ... assistants, children... I mean inside his own reputation, within his imaginative domain! Usually these meetings are just a matter of facts and don't last very long. In this case, three hours later, William Wegman was still flipping through the pages of my book mock-up, showing me around, escorting me to the prop room where he keeps every, single costume ever used for his photo shoots, discussing his recent work and sharing his amazing paintings. William Wegman was the first to humanize dogs in photographs. For over thirty years he has photographed his own Weimaraners with a lot of humor. With an amazing and recognizable, artistic style, he managed to explore the same subject endlessly with a never ending imagination. I think that what William Wegman does is genius. It's as simple as that. When he agreed to write the introduction for my book i was ecstatic. When I received what William Wegman wrote for my book I felt humbled, and the impact of his profound words touched me indelibly.


-Frank Bruynbroek

“Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart, Pilots N Paws TV Feature! 1 

“Pilots N Paws was honored to be featured in a National TV Special, “Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart.”  The special continues to be aired across the country and the response has been extremely heartwarming!  A very special thank you to pilot John Quimby, his family and son co-pilot Ethan, Tri-State Collie Rescue and Hallie and her family for opening their home and hearts to adopt beautiful “Jenny.”

Lukie and Neutrality 0



There is no rehearsal before the grand opening of our lives. We are thrown into the world as if we are catapulted onto a stage. The curtain rises, and the public is right there. No more time to practice our lines. We must react instantly. During the course of the play we find out who we are, and we build our own character, layer upon layer through trial and error. We make it a tragedy or a comedy and everything in between. It’s up to us. As the play of our life progresses it requires several major changes, and every single choice we make always comes with a price. Sometimes I wonder about my choices. Would I enjoy my life more if I wasn’t on a quest of making a contribution to this world? Sometimes it seems so futile and pointless. Then I get messages from everywhere explaining how my images have touched lives, and how they go beyond dog photography. I am told my work is about gratitude, grace and beauty, that it has so much humanity and extraordinary meaning, “like a mirror that shows us our own reflection”.

Last Friday Rachel Jarvis commissioned me to photograph her dogs, all rescued, dogs that nobody wanted, dogs that were going to be euthanized. With these little guys her house is filled with life and love that is so palpable and touching. It makes me think of a quote about Neutrality: “If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

We only can do what we can do, but a life of neutrality is not an option.

Thank you Eileen Whitfield, Penny McCarthy, Rachel Jarvis and all of you for your support.
You inspire me to keep doing more.

-Frank Bruynbroek

Taco 2



We are so fortunate to be moved and inspired once in a while. To feel the shivers down our spine is to experience the essence of liveliness, hope and love. To constantly test the life force that makes us strive, keeps us moving forward. Art does that. It transforms us. Everything that surrounds us is art, a house, a beautiful object, a table, a painting, a tree, a succulent meal, a cloud in the sky, a piece of music, a photograph. To dare is art, or the art of daring. Art should strike a nerve, push our buttons and poke at our sensibilities. To deny our sensibilities is like taking the chocolate chips out of a chocolate chip cookie... the main flavor is gone.

Taco, this adorable Chihuahua was abandoned. He was skin and bones roaming the streets, when, luckily, he was rescued by Linda and Ken Groendyke.

I look at the pictures I took of him, and the whole chocolate chip cookie is in my mouth... I am moved.

Together for 19 years now, for their 10 year wedding anniversary, all Linda and Ken wanted was a picture of Taco... I am inspired to keep doing what I do.

Happy anniversary Linda and Ken.


-Frank Bruynbroek