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On a perfect, sunny day the streets of New York were swarming with delightful curiosities that feed the eye of a photographer, as I was excitedly walking to my meeting with William Wegman. It didn’t occur to me that I would end up in his "place", where he lives, where he works, where his "dogs" are ... assistants, children... I mean inside his own reputation, within his imaginative domain! Usually these meetings are just a matter of facts and don't last very long. In this case, three hours later, William Wegman was still flipping through the pages of my book mock-up, showing me around, escorting me to the prop room where he keeps every, single costume ever used for his photo shoots, discussing his recent work and sharing his amazing paintings. William Wegman was the first to humanize dogs in photographs. For over thirty years he has photographed his own Weimaraners with a lot of humor. With an amazing and recognizable, artistic style, he managed to explore the same subject endlessly with a never ending imagination. I think that what William Wegman does is genius. It's as simple as that. When he agreed to write the introduction for my book i was ecstatic. When I received what William Wegman wrote for my book I felt humbled, and the impact of his profound words touched me indelibly.


-Frank Bruynbroek

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  • Frank Bruynbroek
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