We are so fortunate to be moved and inspired once in a while. To feel the shivers down our spine is to experience the essence of liveliness, hope and love. To constantly test the life force that makes us strive, keeps us moving forward. Art does that. It transforms us. Everything that surrounds us is art, a house, a beautiful object, a table, a painting, a tree, a succulent meal, a cloud in the sky, a piece of music, a photograph. To dare is art, or the art of daring. Art should strike a nerve, push our buttons and poke at our sensibilities. To deny our sensibilities is like taking the chocolate chips out of a chocolate chip cookie... the main flavor is gone.

Taco, this adorable Chihuahua was abandoned. He was skin and bones roaming the streets, when, luckily, he was rescued by Linda and Ken Groendyke.

I look at the pictures I took of him, and the whole chocolate chip cookie is in my mouth... I am moved.

Together for 19 years now, for their 10 year wedding anniversary, all Linda and Ken wanted was a picture of Taco... I am inspired to keep doing what I do.

Happy anniversary Linda and Ken.


-Frank Bruynbroek

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  • Frank Bruynbroek
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  • Ken Groendyke
    Ken Groendyke

    Thank you Frank. We saw our friend LeAnn Rimes on our mountain at Living Free Animal Sanctuary. A true blessing. See you soon! Ken Groendyke

  • Jennifer Ward
    Jennifer Ward

    Your photos are magnificent and your words are brilliant gems also. You are a poet-

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