Spotlight: Stars & Their Rescue Pooches




November 25, 2012 




Pauley Perrette, Miley Cyrus and Kaley Cuoco are just a few of the many Hollywood dog lovers who found their furry-friend-turned-best-bud at a local animal shelter. 

"There are so many who need homes," explains Cuoco, who passionately advocates shelter adoption. "It’s such a good idea to adopt them and they love you forever for it. It's like they know." 

The Big Bang Theory star's beloved pooch, a pitbull-mix by the name of Shirley Sue, graces the pages of photographer Frank Bruynbroek new book Compawssions. The collection of stunning black and white photographs shine a light on rescued pets (star-adopted and otherwise) in an attempt to de-popularize the myth that shelter dogs are undesirable. 

The pup-loving photographer personally interviewed 25 celebrities (including Cuoco) that have a rescued dog.




"I wanted to do a book about hope and a book about love," said Bruynbroek to ET. "Some of them are mutts, some of them are pure-bred, and it's just to show that love is not something you buy." 

Ellen DeGeneres, Jackie Chan, Kim Basinger and Brigitte Bardot are also featured in the collection, available now.




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  • Richard Schwartz