Compawssion: Portraits Of Rescued Dogs

Compawssion: Portraits Of Rescued Dogs

by Frank Bruynbroek.

11 x 14 Inches 

160 pages I 25 Stories 



We are thankful and appreciative for the response to the first edition of COMPAWSSION: Portraits Of Rescued Dogs. Unexpectedly we sold out the first edition very quickly, and it is no longer available on this website.


Our Special Limited Edition is still available. This book sits in a deluxe, gorgeous clam shell box. Each box contains a hand-printed, Silver Gelatin Photograph signed by the author, and a limited edition book, numbered and signed by the author. (Limited edition of 300).


There are many independent sellers on that carry our book and may still have some first editions available.


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COMPAWSSION: Portraits Of Rescued Dogs is a collection of indelible, moving, black and white portraits of rescued dogs. The photographs are a compelling kaleidoscope, sometimes funny and other times haunting, with an almost human-like quality to each picture. Frank Bruynbroek's work is moving, thought-provoking and it goes beyond what mere words could express. COMPAWSSION is a stirring combination of art, activism, and authenticity. Bruynbroek’s passion for animal causes is a rousing call to action in a world that is largely unaware or insensitive to the woeful mistreatment of animals. Indeed, through photographs that matter, COMPAWSSION will raise awareness. These portraits are infinitely more than just pictures of dogs; they are profound statements about the nature and sanctity of life. Frank Bruynbroek personally interviewed twenty-five celebrities that have a rescued dog. They talk about what it means to rescue, save and care for a dog. Three chapters of poignant and inspiring stories of how the dogs have made an impact on their lives are laced throughout the book.


What's Inside

About the Author

Frank Bruynbroek grew up in Brussels, Belgium with the ambition to work with children as an elementary school teacher. After graduating from college Bruynbroek got his first glimpse of the U.S.A. when he took a two-year position teaching French in Louisiana. Moving back to Belgium, Bruynbroek had some reservations about returning to teaching. Slowly becoming an artistic renaissance man, his life played like a cinematic journey, and, via a series of fascinating career shifts, Bruynbroek went through a lengthy, but joyous process of creative self-discovery. Fifteen years ago, while grieving the sudden death of his one year old puppy Rosalie, he began creating the amazing portraits for this book project.

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